Apologies for my brief extended holiday blogging hiatus.  Life has been particularly chaotic, even for Christmastime.

This season has been a great time to remember that the Lord provides at just the right time.  Every Christmas I remember the provision of a Savior.  This year, I remember God’s provision during the last year of tumult in our household.  And this week, I give thanks to the Lord that He has given us a contract on a house!

When God led us to put our tiny townhouse on the market exactly one year ago, it seemed like the logical decision since our family was growing, and larger homes were more affordable than ever.  It wasn’t a huge leap of faith, and our friends and family were all supportive of the decision.

When our area was buried in 2 feet of snow just two days after our house was listed, effectively killing that first wave of showings, the anxiety began to set in.  And when our 2 month old son turned blue and was rushed to the hospital days later, we started having to trust God on a whole new level.  He was reminding us that He not only determines our next breath, but when (or even if!) our house would sell.

The doctors told us that our son had severe reflux, which had caused him to aspirate, and an unrelated congenital heart defect.  I needed to keep him completely upright for 30 minutes after every feeding to help prevent a repeat episode.  Add to that his 90 minute eating schedule, poor sleeping habits,  and 18 month-old sister, and you get a very tired momma.  It wasn’t uncommon that I would get 2 hours of sleep a night.  The Lord was so gracious to teach me that He is bigger and stronger than my weak, sleep-dependent body, and His power to strengthen me is stronger than the power of sleep. If He only gives me 2 hours of sleep, He can make that enough.  I came to see God’s strength and mercy in new ways.  I didn’t know why He should care about my sleepless, weak self.  But He did.

Time went by.  Thankfully, our little boy never turned blue again.  Within a couple of months, he outgrew the worst of the reflux, and I began to get a bit more sleep (still feedings every 90 minutes, though!)  We had many showings of the house, and hence, many frantic, top-to-bottom cleanings.  We even had a number of repeat showings, but no offers.

Then, God laid it on my husband’s heart to pray about where we should move.  We were deeply involved in the church I had grown up in, close to my family, and 15 minutes from my husband’s job.  I thought it was a stupid idea to even consider moving anywhere else.  But after all, he was only asking me to pray, so I did.  The more we prayed, the more God led us to consider moving an hour north of our home, to the area my husband is from.  The Lord faithfully continued to push us in that direction, even when we looked for excuses to cling to the familiar.  Eventually, after much prayer and advice from those around us, we decided that we would make the move if the Lord sold our house….

Come back tomorrow to hear what happened next, and how God has been guiding us since.

What has God taught you in 2010? I always love hearing how He simultaneously gives each of us the “perfect storm” in our lives to drive us into His arms.