Yesterday, I shared about the first part of 2010, and how the Lord led us to decide to move, but we still had to wait for our house to sell.  And while we waited, God was teaching us about Himself.

After we decided that we would be moving to a new area, waiting for our house to sell was more difficult than ever.  Our relationships with local friends and family were at times painful reminders that we would be leaving them behind, and had yet to begin building new relationships.  God taught us much about faith during this season–and we fought to have faith despite our circumstances.

We finally got an offer on the house, but were disappointed to realize that it would necessitate that we took a larger loss on the house than expected (we originally bought near the market’s peak).  However, we were able to negotiate a more comfortable price with the buyer.  We were thrilled, until the appraisal came in lower, and we had to either drop the price or lose the buyer.  The Lord reminded us that He knows our finances even better than we do, and we needed to obey Him, even if that meant financial loss.

We chose to proceed with the sale, and my husband’s parents graciously offered us the opportunity to live with them and rebuild some of our savings while we looked for the next house. We knew that God was providing for our needs.

The fall brought the challenges of leaving our church family and biological family, and knitting into a new community.  It also brought an hour-long commute for my husband, new child-training challenges, and significant personal loss.  But God continued to remind us that He will keep us in perfect peace if we are stayed on Him (Isaiah 26:3).

Now, five and a half months after making the move, God has given us a contract on a house that has so much of what we are looking for, and is within our budget.  To be honest, we were beginning to wonder if a house like that even existed! We are astounded at God’s perfect provision, at the perfect time; we are just recently financially ready to buy.

When we started this journey a year ago, we knew that if God was calling us to something new, He would provide for us…and He has.  And in the mean time, He taught us so much about His character.  He cares for us in our pain and weakness and confusion–be it devastating losses, lack of sleep, or not knowing where we will live next.  The Lord, the King and Creator of the universe, holds us in the palm of His hand, provides for us, and teaches us how to glorify Him more.

May He continue to guide us and sanctify us in 2011.  I don’t like pain, or loneliness, or uncomfortable change, but I love knowing my Savior better each year.

What has God taught you this year? I always love hearing how He simultaneously gives each of us the “perfect storm” in our lives to drive us into His arms.