You might not get this from the title of this post, but I’m a huge supporter of cloth diapering.  It is such a frugal and un-wasteful thing to do.  Not to mention, today’s cloth diapers are surprisingly similar to disposable ones, so you don’t even have to worry about stabbing your baby with a clothespin!

While we were expecting our first child, my husband and I did tons of research and settled on the type we liked based on expense and ease of use.  Being a technical type, Hubby drafted a spreadsheet that took into account the water, electricity and detergent used to wash cloth diapers and compared it to disposables.  If you’re interested, my friend The Happy Housewife has our spreadsheet and her experiences with cloth diapering here.  Since we planned to diaper more than one child, we decided it was well worth the initial investment.

Cloth Diapers

I absolutely loved cloth diapers!  The work level wasn’t much different from disposables, in my opinion.  The main difference was an extra load of laundry every other day, which isn’t much considering how much laundry I do otherwise!  We bought flushable liners that minimized my contact with poop, and made the whole thing a fairly pleasant experience.

Unfortunately, however, when my daughter started solid foods, her super-sensitive skin went into irritant overload, and the doctor advised that we switch to disposables while her body adjusted.  My son is now in the very same circumstance.  By the time he can handle cloth again, he will probably also be ready to potty train.  I hate to give up on cloth diapering, and diapers that we planned to last through all of our children.  However, odds are very good that all our kids will have my extremely sensitive skin (even tearing lettuce makes me break out) and our actual usage will be minimal.

So, I’m biting that bullet, and selling my cloth diapers.  And I’m going to strive to throw myself into other ways to save my family money instead of mourning the loss of this method.  Cloth diapering (or good organization, or healthy cooking, or homeschooling…) won’t earn me a spot in heaven, anyway.  “Nothing in my hands I bring, simply to Thy cross I cling…”

On a related note, anybody interested in buying some cloth diapers?  We have 21 Bum Genius 3.0 one-sizes.  They are really in great condition–like I said, we hoped to use them for a long time.  🙂