Yesterday was my husband’s birthday.  His 30th birthday, to be more specific.  Since my birthday is in a couple of weeks, we decided to go away for a weekend alone later this month in honor of both birthdays.  Even though we aren’t giving each other gifts this year, and are saving the big celebration, I didn’t want to let his day go by unrecognized.  So I pulled out all the stops to make his day as special as possible.

30th birthday dessert

Somewhere between making the stuffed mushrooms and the homemade eggnog ice cream, I wondered if I should have taken my own advice and done it halfway.  But there are definitely some things that are worth doing with as much enthusiasm as we can muster.  The look on my husband’s face when he came home to a candlelight dinner with all of his favorite special-occasion foods confirmed that this was one of those things.

The “halfway is better than nothing” advice certainly would have applied here, but I don’t just love him halfway, and going over-the-top reminded him of just how special he is to me.  When he told me that it was one of the best birthdays he can remember, it reminded me that my all-the-way personality isn’t the problem, its the all or nothing part that I have to fight!  So tonight, dinner will probably be a combination of leftovers and some roasted butternut squash, but I’m going to completely and enthusiastically put away the clean laundry…it’s been sitting around for way too long!

I’d love to hear what things in your life are worth doing all the way!